Selling your art and living happily, here’s where to do it online

There are so many ways to sell your art online that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. We’ve sorted different sites into categories here and will be linking to site reviews as time goes on. Print On Demand These sites are becoming more and more popular as the desire for unique merchandise grows. As an artist, you […]

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Repairs You Can Print: Fixing Pegboard Clips That Break Too Easily — Hackaday

Right now, we’re running the Repairs You Can Print Contest, where one lucky student and one lucky organization will win the fancy-schmancy Prusa i3 MK3, with the neato multi-extrusion upgrade. [Budiul] is a student, so he figured he would repair something with a 3D printer. Lucky for him, the pegboard in his workshop was completely terrible,…

via Repairs You Can Print: Fixing Pegboard Clips That Break Too Easily — Hackaday

Arduino Keyboard is Gorgeous Inside and Out

While the vast majority of us are content to plod along with the squishy chiclet keyboards on our laptops, or the cheapest USB membrane keyboard we could find on Amazon, there’s a special breed out there who demand something more. To them, nothing beats a good old-fashioned mechanical keyboard, where each key-press sounds like a…

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Student 3D Prints Eyes — Hackaday

[Ondřej Vocílka] is a student at the Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic. In addition, the 23-year-old lost his vision in his left eye. While attending a lecture on 3D printing, he wondered if he could 3D print an ophthalmic prosthesis — an artificial eye. Turns out, he could. If you don’t speak Czech,…

via Student 3D Prints Eyes — Hackaday

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