Vector White Social Media Icons – Complete web icon set

Round Social Media Icons for graphic and web design


EPS vectors
75 single PNG files, ready to use with transparent background
75 single SVG files and more…

Source: Vector White Social Media Icons – Complete web icon set

The complete Professional Premium Round Icon Set for Graphic and Web Design, contain all the new social media logos of the most popular Social Media websites. With this collection You will able to customize your website, your mail signature, your Blog with your favorite social icons.
More in you have the EPS vector version, fully editable and customizable, and also the best for press and print. Files come in a zipped folder.


Nutcracker Party

Nutcracker Party è stata realizzata per ricreare quell’atmosfera incantata di un tempo, tra balocchi e dolciumi, perfetta quindi per allestire con allegria la tavola di Natale. Ricco di magia, questo set dal look elegante e seducente è capace di soddisfare anche il gusto estetico più sofisticato, un vero e proprio salto nel mondo della fantasia!

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Edited by Nicolas Nova and Joël Vacheron – Dadabot, An Introduction to Machinic Creolization | Neural — HyperHouse

[Letto su] La cultura algoritmica, ovvero la cultura espressa da sistemi automatizzati e in particolare basati su software, ha iniziato solo di recente ad accaparrarsi una certa attenzione, quando le sue conseguenze sociali, culturali ed economiche hanno iniziato a diventare chiaramente percepibili. Il movimento della software art tra la fine degli anni novanta ed […]

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The best and worst of user interfaces

Between all the running and jumping and fighting and crawling and crying and dying and dying and dying, it’s easy to forget about all the work that goes into a game’s design.

UI stands for user interface, a fancy term that means anything the player can touch (keyboard, mouse, controller, etc.) or see (inventory screen, map display, heads up display, or HUD). […]

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Responsive Web Design UX Best Practices

Responsive Web 2016

A lot of people think responsive web design is just about squeezing and stretching. It is much more than that – It’s about delivering one website numerous ways depending on screen size, platform and orientation.

RWDYour website does not need the intricate design and performance of a desktop site on a mobile device. Mobile users may not need some of the content and functionality of desktop when viewing your site on their smaller screens. They express different behaviors and needs than your desktop users. For example, many mobile users do not appreciate navigating numerous pages just to find your phone number or address. They will quickly exit your site for a competitor’s more responsive and user friendly website. We’re talking smooth CSS, media queries, flexible grids & layouts and intuition as essential ingredients to creating a state-of-the-art RWD that your users would enjoy.

Here are some RWD best practices to help…

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Android Pre-History

Android didn’t just happen. The origins of the world’s dominant mobile operating system can be traced right back to the beginning of the previous decade. In the first part of our Android History series, we look back on the earliest origins of the OS, the path to launching the original Android phone, the […]


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