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Making Music with the Wind — Hackaday

[Niklas Roy] built a windmill-powered music box for his backyard, and it was so awesome all the neighbors wanted to take a picture of it. Someone even liked it so much that he stole [Niklas]’s windmill in the middle of the night. (We kind of don’t blame them, it’s a gorgeously clean build.) In the…

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In love with Scence

In what has become a bit of a tradition, this year again we celebrate St. Valentine’s by sharing the poster we did for Experyment Science Center. The poster is an invitation for an adults’ evening where, among other attractions, experts try to explain love in scientific terms. This year’s theme included the chemistry of love […]

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‘Arrival’ and the Beauty of Communication — Michael Stark

As is common each year for a close group of friends and I, we have begun our theater tour of all the films generating Oscar buzz. It’s a ritual we enjoy. We view good films, drink beer, and have excellent conversation regarding the films we see. This past week, we saw Arrival, a science fiction […]

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Boost Around Town with This 3D Printed Bicycle Assist — Hackaday

[MechEngineerMike]’s bike boost is just a pleasure to look at, and, we’re certain, a relief to use. While it’s not going to rocket you down the street, it will certainly take some of the pain away. (Just like the professionals!) It’s one thing to design a device that can fit one bicycle. It’s quite another feat…

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Today Is World Create Day — Hackaday

It has finally arrived, today is World Create Day which is being celebrated with Hackaday Meetups in 64 cities throughout the world. If you are at one of these meetups, share the fun and excitement of your event today using the hashtag #WorldCreateDay. We want a taste of what is going on in your town so Tweet early…

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