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36 Social media icons – new version — Stock Vector

36 Social media icons - new version — Stock Vector © dadartdesign #45746061

36 Social media icons – new version — Stock Vector
36 Social Media Icons for Webdesign – Vector

A set of 26 flat social media icons, transparent. Files: VECTOR ICONS in EPS format, great for your website page layout.

EPS vector are resizable without any loss of quality, as you want. vectors are good as well as for use on your web pages, even for printing quality. Along with the vector file comes a large jpg file. You can save money by choosing to only download the JPG file. The JPG file should then be edited with a good editor, such as Photoshop, and icons must be trimmed to have a file with the transparent background.

In this collections the icons are created only by the logo without a square or round background: is rather advisable to download the EPS file.

Dowloads: You can choose between an EPS file fully customizable and a single jpg file that you will need to edit and crop.

To modify EPS files you will need vector editing software, such Adobe Illustrator, to edit JPG file you need Adobe Photoshop.


Review: HUZZAH is the ESP8266 WiFi Setup You Need

Featured Image -- 3326

Originally posted on Hackaday:

A little board that adds WiFi to any project for a few hundreds of pennies has been all the rage for at least half a year. I am referring to the ESP8266 and this product is a marrige of one of those WiFi modules with the support hardware required to get it running. This week I’m reviewing the HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout by Adafruit Industries.

If you saw the article [cnlohr] woite for us about direct programming this board you will know that a good chunk of that post covered what you need to do just to get the module into programming mode. This required adding a regulated 3.3V source, and a way to pull one of the pins to ground when resetting the power rail. Not only does the HUZZAH take care of that for you, it turns the non-breadboard friendly module into a DIP form factor while breaking out…

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Wireless Trackpad Looks Like Fingernail Polish

Featured Image -- 3324

Originally posted on Hackaday:

All hands are on deck over at MIT where a very handy new trackpad has been created that will be able to give users a free hand to do other tasks. The device is called the NailO and attaches to one’s thumbnail, which allows the user an easy and reportedly natural way to use a trackpad while your hands are full, dirty, or otherwise occupied.

The device reportedly works like any normal trackpad, but is about the size of a quarter and attaches to the thumbnail in such a way that it takes advantage of the natural motion of running an index finger over the thumbnail. It communicates via Bluetooth radio, and has four layers which all go hand-in-hand: an artistic covering (to replicate the look of a painted fingernail), the sensors, the circuitry, the battery, and presumably an adhesive of some sort.

Details are quite sparse, but the device…

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“Jack Nicholson” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…

Originally posted on Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas:

Please read the entire post and share if you could!

“Jack Nicholson” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me.
Sold / Commissioned 3ft x 2ft

Ferrer - Jack N

Everything in my Etsy Shop is 50% off to aid w/ our Brain Tumor battle.  Use coupon code ART50 at checkout to get 50% off listed price.  Etsy Shop –>  Ray’s Shop

**Signed / Limited Prints available here: –> “Jack Prints

Also, please have a look at the rest of my blog if you are unfamiliar with our struggle.  My biopsy of the tumor is scheduled, tentatively, for April 21st.  Enjoy the artwork :)

Artist Ray Ferrer – Brain Tumor

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