Best Social Media Icon Collections

Selection of our best picks for icons: vector, png and psd stock collections

72 round social media icons — Vector Stock

Description: 72 black round social media icons.
Complete collection of elegant Round Social Media Icons. Vector icon set of single isolated white icons with transparent background of the most popular social media and network websites. Icons come as vectors, the best for web and graphic design. Included Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Vimeo, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram, Periscope, Vk, Hi5, Sound Cloud, Behance, Yum, Issuu, Etsy, Yahoo, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, FriendFeed, Dribble,, Delicious, Badoo and many other popular icons.

downloads: Choose between an EPS file fully customizable and a single jpg file that you will need to edit and crop.

To modify EPS files you will need vector editing software, such Adobe Illustrator, to edit JPG file you need Adobe Photoshop.

Via Price: subscription plan or pay-as-you-go credits >> DOWNLOAD

social media icon

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CDECDEcdeUpgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 via Terminal — Sableyes

I shall astound you all with my technical know how by starting this post by saying… ‘I missed the upgrade box thingy’… I was until this week using Ubuntu Linux 15.10 Wily Werewolf when the upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus became available. I closed the upgrade option box by mistake and several restarts later…

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Today Is World Create Day — Hackaday

It has finally arrived, today is World Create Day which is being celebrated with Hackaday Meetups in 64 cities throughout the world. If you are at one of these meetups, share the fun and excitement of your event today using the hashtag #WorldCreateDay. We want a taste of what is going on in your town so Tweet early…

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Shakespeare Day — re:blog

Today we celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. For this momentous occasion we used some of the icons from our Shakespeare Project – our actual, huge celebratory work – as a guessing game. Do you know which play each icon stands for? If not, you may find the answers in last week‘s post. Or […]

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Camera Slider Helps get the Shots with E-Waste Controller — Hackaday

A camera slider is an accessory that can really make a shot. But when your business is photography rather than building camera accessories, quick-and-dirty solutions often have to suffice. Thus the genesis of this camera slider controller. The photographer in question in [Paulo Renato], and while his passion may be photography, he seems to have…

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18 Great Social Media Icons Collections

A selection of our best Round black circle icons, vector, png and psd stock images collections

36 Round social media icons

Description: This is the New collection, with the newest and latest version of social media icons. Iconset contain Vectors, PSD and PNG ready to use version of icons.

Edges are transparent, background color or image of the page is also visible trought the icons. Vector version is easily editable, customizing color and size, without loss of quality, is also the best for printing purpose.
In the package you will find, in addition to the vector file EPS, PSD photoshop files and PNG files ready to use.

Contains:1 Vector EPS fully editable and customizable, 36 icons, 36 PNG Files in 3 sizes, 72px, 94px, 128px, (in total 108 PNG files) with transparent background ready to use, and more 3 PSD files with layers wich contain vector smart objects, double-clicking you can customize colors and shapes in illustrator. You can resize vector smart objects in photoshop without loss of quality..

Via Price: $ 6.00


Round Social Media Icons Black

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FTDI Drivers Break Fake Chips, Again

Just over a year ago, FTDI, manufacturers of the most popular USB to serial conversion chip on the market, released an update to their drivers that bricked FTDI clones. Copies of FTDI chips abound in the world of cheap consumer electronics, and if you’ve bought an Arduino for $3 from a random online seller from China, you probably have one of these fake chips somewhere in your personal stash of electronics.

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21 Nerdiest Coloring Books for Grownups (Updated!)

Source: 21 Nerdiest Coloring Books for Grownups (Updated!)

You’d think finding 10 nerdy adult coloring books would be the hardest part of putting together a list like this, but in fact, the most difficult thing was phrasing the title in a way that doesn’t look NSFW. Adult Coloring Books (the mandala kind, not the dirty doodles kind) exploded after the publication of Johanna […]

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