Tapestry Conference 2015: YouTube Videos of Keynotes

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Tapestry 2015 Keynote – Hannah Fairfield: “Reveal”  

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Hannah Fairfield

Tapestry 2015 Keynote – Kim Rees: “The Data Documentary”

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Kim Rees

Tapestry 2015 Keynote – Michael Austin: “Useful Fictions”  

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Michael Austin

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A Motor, an Arduino and a Whole Bunch of Laser Cutting

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Originally posted on Hackaday:

[Guido] was recently commissioned to build a kinetic sculpture for a client who wanted something unique. What he came up with is really awesome.

It’s called ORBIS: The Wooden Kinetic & Lighting Sculpture. It mounts to the wall and provides a focal point for the room – a bright flashy spinning one at that! Does it just stay there and do random things? Nope, of course not! [Guido] built it with a unique control box, two Arduino 2560’s and an Xbee to communicate between them.

Orbit Kinetic Sculpture

He was told to design it using old and new technologies so he’s got a rotary phone dial on the side of the box which allows the user to change through the different modes.

Switches on top also let you change the color of the sculpture and the speed at which it moves around. Since it’s wireless it can be easily set on the coffee…

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Vector Social Media Icons – Square Black

vector social media icons square black

Vector Social Media Icons Square black

The simplest Vector Social Media icons Collection you should really wont.
Designed with quality in mind, collection have the most popular social icons.

The zip package contains one EPS vector file with all icons, ready for export in your favorite format, transparent PNG or JPG.
EPS vector is the best for all-purpose, web publishing, graphic design or printing. As you know, you can resize or edit path and color of Vector without loss of quality.
More You can easily add others social media logos or web services, editing vector icons with a good editor, such ILLUSTRATOR or COREL DRAW.

But, if you need Social Media Icons to quickly add to your web-site, or blog lay-out, in the package you find all you need.
Iconset come with 3 series of PNG icons in 3 sizes, ready to use Easy to install. All PNG files are isolated in sigle files, named as their own social media, in fully organized files folders.

The Vector Social Media Icons Square Black Iconset is Hosted by socialmediaicons.biz, a social media icons Store that sell a lot of professional iconsets.


If You are looking for a different iconset, with round icons, flat icons, vintage icons or other, then take a look to this POST:


22 Beautifully Black Web Designs for Inspiration

22 Beautifully Black Web Designs for Inspiration

A screenshot of a black web design named WILD

By Jacob Gube

Black is a timeless and elegant color. It’s never out of style. And you can get a variety of wildly different results depending on how you employ the color in your design work.If you’re looking for prime examples of sites that use black as its primary color, you’ve come to the right place.Take a look at these beautifully black web designs.A screenshot of a black web design named WILD

More: 22 Beautifully Black Web Designs for Inspiration.

Minimal | Webdesign Showcases


Webdesign Showcases – Inspirational Galleries of the the Best Webdesigns

This site is a collection of the best webdesign showcases created by different webdesign blogs around the world.designed, developed and curated by hahnsinnthere are currently 711 webdesign showcases on this website.

via Minimal | Webdesign Showcases.

35 Websites with Creative and Beautiful Sidebars


35 Websites with Creative and Beautiful Sidebarsby Julia Blake in Inspiration

How much importance do you give to the sidebar in the layout of your site ?  How to turn every link, every image, every button in the sidebar, in an interesting thing that will convince your visitors to stay on your site, to take actions that benefit your goals, your channel, your content? How much importance do you give to your graphic design? Which fonts use? What images? What buttons?

Here is a gallery of web page layout with sidebar interesting, original, try to look for their inspiration.

More 35 Websites with Creative and Beautiful Sidebars.


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