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Round social media icons

Description: Simple Round social media icons – Black.
If you’re looking for a base icon set, that include the most popular social media, this is the right collection.
DOWNLOAD 30 Round Social Media icons, simple and clean, monochrome black, with a minimal and flat design. Vector EPS file is editable and customizable, you can change colors, path and size, while PNG icons are ready to use, you can publish them as they are. The simple Round social media iconset come in a compressed zip file. You will be able to download files after the Payment done by Paypal button using your paypal account or your credit card.

Contains:1 Vector EPS fully customizable, 30 icons, 90 PNG Files in 3 sizes, 48px, 75px, 100px, with transparent background ready to use.

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round social media icons black

Round Social Media Icons

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What’s Wrong with the Way We Communicate?

Featured Image -- 3367

Originally posted on michaeldstark:

I had the opportunity to get away from Denver for a few days and travel. Part of my journey was some quiet time of reading and reflection along the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. I was able to unplug a bit, which was needed. There seems to be so much yelling amongst communities nowadays, and I reflected on that a bit.

In many Christian circles there is a despondence between the belief about religious faith and the manner in which we speak about God. As the prominent Protestant claim goes, salvation is not based on action, but on faith alone. Good action – morally approved behavior – should be the result, not the source, of salvation. I have no qualms about the theological claim here. What is concerning, however, is our language about God and our subsequent behaviors. That is to say, there is a disconnection with our view of…

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Flat round social media icons

Round Social Media Icons

Round Social Media Icons


Description: EPS, + 3 sizes PNG Ready to use and easy to install.

Round Social Media Icons simple and elegant iconset, designed with professional quality in mind. This is the base collection, the “must-have”, contains the most popular social media. Icons are hand-drawn, one by one. Design is essential and elegant, this collection is perfect to customize your website or your blog, building awesome layout that looks professional.

The EPS Vector iconset

Package contains the vector files in EPS. You can edit, resize, change colors to the EPS Vector social Media Icons, without any loss of quality.

The PNG social media icons

The package also include PNGs of each social media icon in three dimensions, 48px, 75px and 100px, ready to use and easy to install on your website or blog.

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Berlin Fashion Week was so Berlin: sensibly wild, and yet wildly sensible

Featured Image -- 3354

Originally posted on Quartz:

The sun emerged just as the first model appeared in the runway entrance at designer Marina Hoermanseder’s Spring 2016 show, in the back garden of Berlin’s Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince’s Palace) on July 10. In stiletto heels that tipped her onto her toes, and a bell-shaped skirt of hard, molded leather, she looked like a ballerina emerging from a music box.

The models that followed revealed a pastel-hued collection that included thousands of handmade leather flowers, bondage pencil skirts made entirely of straps, a 3D-printed rose gold vest, and anatomically molded leather bodices, lacquered to a glossy shine. It was as if a dominatrix from the future had fallen down the rabbit-hole and awoke in the Queen of Hearts’ garden.

The blue dress, pink skirt, and all those little flowers are made of leather. The blue dress, pink skirt, and all those little flowers are made of leather.

Hoermanseder’s show was phenomenal—but also, actually, practical. Peppered throughout the collection, in shades of cream, wheat, and…

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New Zealand has outlawed internet trolling

Featured Image -- 3350

Originally posted on Quartz:

New Zealand is taking a strong stand against internet bullying. Under a new bill outlawing “harmful digital communications,” the country can punish internet trolls with up to three years of jail time.

Passed last week by an overwhelming majority (116-5) of the country’s parliament, the Harmful Digital Communications Bill went into effect on June 6. The new law will require tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter to ask users to remove flagrant posts within 24 hours, according to the BBC. After that time, the companies will be responsible for removing the posts themselves.

Though tech companies like Twitter and Google have taken measures to reduce cyber bullying, some worry this new legislation is too broad and infringes on free speech. In an editorial published over the weekend, New Zealand’s Dominion Post voiced these concerns:

The penalties at stake are substantial, yet the “communications principles” are too broad— they capture any…

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